The photocatalysis device

Sanification up to 90 m3


Airbox in studio


AirBox sanitizes the environment (air and surfaces) through the photocatalytic oxidation process (PCO - Photo Catalytic Oxidation), generating a quantity of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 50 times lower than the limit established by the standards.
Operation is totally compatible with the presence of people in the environment by concentrating the sanitation system, in a compact and easy to install product, capable of treating all the air present in a medium-sized room.

Airbox con pianta

Installation in autonomy

It doesn't require the intervention of experienced personnel for its installation. AirBox is ready to use!

Easy to use

Setting up the device is very simple. Once programmed you can forget to have turned on, the rest is up to him.

It guarantees a continuous sanitization

Thanks to the continuous sanitization system, the device is able to keep under control the sanitization of the rooms h.24.

It doesn't require addition of consumer products

In addition to requiring very low periodic maintenance, AirBox does not require the periodic addition of consumables or products.

Safe and effective

The product is tested and guaranteed. It complies with all European regulations and ensures the effectiveness in sanitizing indoor environments.

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